Tea Workers: The Women’s Tale

Mina Tati (22), nine months pregnant and still working in the tea gardens. This is her second pregnancy and when asked, she could not answer what family planning means. Seven days before interviewing her on 27 October 2018, she fell down at her home but the garden compounder gets angry when she tries to take [...]


The Land of Tea

We went to Sreemangal in Sylhet to conduct a training with Bangladesh Cha Sramik Union - the only trade union of the tea workers and also the largest one in Bangladesh. The first two days of the capacity-building training went really well but then began the transportation workers' strike. Two of our resource persons could [...]


16 September 2017. It was past mid night. I heard a too familiar cry coming from downstairs. I tried to ignore it. In the end I went to the balcony to see what’s going on. It was a tiny black blob of fur that was crawling in front of the gate across our building; desperately [...]

Rohingyas: The young and the restless

Kawser (16) lives with her mother and four sisters in Kutupalong-Balukhali Extension camp – currently home to majority of the 0.9 million Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar. She lives in a small makeshift hut made of bamboo and tarpaulin. She was making a pile of roti – an exception to the daily meal of rice and [...]

Into the storm

We reached Cox's Bazar on the 12th June in the evening. After a meeting at the UNHCR office on the Rohingya crisis, we went by Laboni beach at night. It was cloudy and humid yet the ocean was magnificent. A heavy mist of sea water was hanging over our heads. You could actually see the [...]

The temple of Radha-Krishna

During a work trip last week, we managed some free time from our tight schedule to visit the the famous Kantaji Temple in Kantanagar, Kaharole of Dinajpur district. After an hour long journey from Birol Upazila, we finally arrived there at sunset. But it was already well past closing time. So we pulled some strings [...]

By the beach 2

Early morning photography of the longest natural sea beach of the world. These pictures were taken from Kolatoli sea beach, which is one of the well-known sea beaches in Cox's Bazar. It's been a long time since I came here and I love the sea. So naturally I was ecstatic to reach my most cherished [...]

Marine Drive

From Cox's Bazar Sadar to Teknaf, this 80-kilometre-long road along the Bay of Bengal has the most amazing view. Inaugurated on May 6, 2017, it is the world’s longest marine drive. I couldn't take my eyes off the view while traveling on the Marine Drive road to reach Teknaf Upazila. On one side of the [...]

SEHD Publications

Three of my main contributions in the publications of Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD) -- a non-profit Bangladeshi organization working for human rights and environmental justice through research, training, dialogue and advocacy.   Koch of Modhupur: A Demographic and Socioeconomic Survey of a Marginal Ethnic Community   By Sabrina Miti Gain & Raiyana [...]